Electrified Locks – A Solid Choice

In two prior posts, I have described the problems associated with two of the most common locking solutions for electronic access control, maglocks and electric strikes.  These are often perceived as being cheaper and easier to install, but, almost always, using electrified locks is a better decision.

Electrified locks are electronically controlled versions of the mechanical locks normally used to secure doors.  These can be cylindrical locks (key cylinder in the lever or knob), mortise locks (key cylinder above the lever), or exit devices (panic hardware commonly used on exterior doors and emergency exits).  Electrified locks are available to retrofit or substitute for every major brand of commercial lock.  Once installed, they look just like the mechanical versions, making for a cleaner, more professional appearance than maglocks or electric strikes.  Wires are connected to the doors through some type of power transfer, usually a normal looking hinge or pivot with wires concealed inside.

Electrified locks solve most of the problems involved in other locking solutions:

  • No visible modifications to door or frame.
  • Free egress is built in to the lock.
  • Deadlatch function is preserved for greater security.
  • Can always remain secure on the outside in most installations.

In summary, electrified locks typically provide more security, more safety, and better aesthetics than maglocks or electric strikes.